“World Traveler Discovers a Stash for his Cash”

Wallite_Mtn_BikeWhile traveling in Quito, Ecuador, Travis Critcher stood at the middle of earth just a short distance from the equator when six thugs surrounded him and demanded his wallet and other belongings. Back at his lodging, recovering from bumps and bruises, Travis determined to look for the positive and refused to let the situation change his outlook on the goodness of people or his upbeat view of life. Using hotel stationary, he fashioned an impromptu wallet to hold what remained of his cash, only to discover that he liked the slimness of how his new, lighter load in his back pocket. Back home, his new wallet design evolved to use sturdier and more novel materials, like the Boone Area Recreation map. Friends and store clerks noticed his unique cash-carrying-creation, and the positive comments convinced Travis that he was on to something good. He worked persistently over several years to perfect the design for usability, sturdiness and durability, and in the spring of 2014, together with some friends, Wallite company was formed, launching with four outdoor adventure designs.

The process of beginning a business in his spare time was an enjoyable and educational endeavor for Travis and the Wallite team. Fitting in the long hours was an easy choice for Travis, who found the entire process from market demand to marketable product to be an enjoyable challenge. Developing a product idea, forming a business partnership, sourcing the right vendors, and learning all the legal and and tax implication therein has been the equivalent of earning a “practical MBA.”

While his day job takes him around the world, Travis is pleased that the Wallite venture brings home things that are valuable to Boone and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Keeping with the company values, Wallite is an integrated part of the local community and economy. The outdoor design series was created by regional graphic designers, manufactured by a regional printer with final assembly by hand here in Boone. The outdoor series is sold locally at Mast General Store, Footsloggers, Stick Boy Bakery, and Local Lion. Ten other outdoor outlets across Western NC also carry the Wallite and our partnerships are expanding along the Blue Ridge Mountains into Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia. “Buy Local” now has a whole new element: your locally earned and targeted dollars can now be carried in a locally manufactured wallet from Wallite.

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Wallite contact:
Travis Critcher
(828) 295-2446