appcookiecoAppalachia Cookie Company is a late night delivery service located in Boone, NC. We offer high quality cookies and brownies that are baked to order so they arrive hot, fresh and fast. We know that you can’t very well have cookies without milk, that’s why we also offer cold milk delivery as well as hot chocolate and freshly roasted, high quality, fair trade, organic coffee. What’s that? Do we offer Vegan and Gluten-Free options? Of course we do! We are proud to use high quality ingredients and when possible locally sourced ingredients. Listen, we understand that sometimes you just want something sweet and don’t want to leave the house. Now, you don’t have to.

We know that you would love to stay in Boone after you graduate but sometimes it just isn’t possible. That’s why we also offer the option to have our cookies mailed to you where ever it is that you end up. You may not be able to stay in Boone forever but we can do our best to ship a little piece of Boone to you.

Appalachia Cookie Company also offers catering for events of any size. Not everyone is a night owl and we wouldn’t want to keep anyone from being able to try our delicious cookies. That is why our catering hours are much more flexible than our late night delivery hours. Send us an email to find out more about our catering options!

It is our goal not only to bake and deliver a high quality product to our customers but also to better the community in which we operate. A healthy community means a healthy business. We hope that you will not only become our customer but also our friend.


Appalachia Cookie Company
(828) 355-4448