Membership in YPB is only $25! Your membership includes:

  • Access to an exclusive online YP directory
  • Access to online job listings
  • Monthly eNewsletter
  • Access Boone Chamber of Commerce events through YP
  • Access to all YP events (you may attend one professional development event before joining. 5:01s are open to all.)

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Take advantage of this great opportunity and enjoy:

  • Social and professional networking opportunities with like-minded professionals who share a drive to improve their career development and professional community.
  • Involvement in an initiative to drive economic development by attracting young talent employers are eager to hire.
  • Access to community leaders and leadership training.
  • Professional development opportunities.
  • An opportunity to share new ideas.
  • Associate with other Young Professional Groups both within the state and around the country.

Companies can benefit from YPB as well:

  • Establish a presence! Your company’s interests will be represented in Young Professionals of Boone community.
  • Increase your company’s exposure. All too often, we’re more aware of what’s going on outside of our community than within it.
  • Your company will gain greater access to local businesses and treasures.
  • Your company will gain greater access to young and aspiring talent through our growing database and website.
  • Professional development opportunities for your employees.
  • Expand knowledge through prominent business leaders who speak directly to High Country Young Professionals members on a range of topics including; career advancement, networking strategies, success and failure, and community involvement.