Enjoy networking with local, young professionals! The purpose of the 5:01 is to create opportunities to connect and engage with peers & colleagues in the High Country.

We’re adding a twist to the 5:01 networking events at Appalachian Mountain Brewery!

We will incorporate an icebreaker in order to engage new and old members alike. These intro activities will vary each month, and may take the form of a roundtable, ice breaker, challenge, etc. Networking, as usual, will continue during and afterwards.

As always, if you can’t come at 5pm, just come when you can. All are welcome! Don’t forget your business card for giveaways courtesy of Barefoot Campus Outfitter. Help spread the word… bring a friend or colleague!

Please rsvp here or on facebook if you can attend.


Pre-5:01 Informational Session:

Thursday, April 2nd
4:30pm @AMB

Disability Awareness
Income Protection
Long Term Care
Protecting Yourself from the Inevitable
With Jesse Miller, Watauga Insurance Agency
and Chuck Eyler, Nationwide Insurance.